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Attack on Animal! Or Shingeki no Crossing, as you prefere!

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if tumbles poops on this ill just upload them seperately

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Legend of Zelda: New Leaf or Animal Crossing: Blather’s Awakening? By GuruGuru214


bugs irl


bugs in animal crossing



this entire episode is about someone who designs characters in animal crossing.  It is extremely depressing

Shigofumi- Episode 10


Animal Crossing: Population Growing, Default Town Tune

This is what I use, and I love it!


caught without an umbrella

I decided to draw my mayor in acnl! id like to make an animal crossing blog soon!


I tried my best to figure out what colours matched best. Some of them I couldn’t find an exact match for. Some skin tones share colours with another skin tone because the difference was so small that nothing else would match better.

The ones with two colours selected need to have the colours alternated in a checkerboard pattern like this:

Also note to people who spend hours on the island trying to get a tan:
I only spent 15 minutes on the island each day to get it to go up a tan level, and the needed time may even be less than that. You don’t need to waste hours of play time standing around. You only go up one tan level a day, so you won’t notice much change for the first 2-3 days.

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